actors of urban change

El projecte forma part del programa Actors of Urban Change impulsat per la Fudanció Robert Bosch de Berlin. 10 ciutats participen del programa des del gener del 2014 fins el juliol del 2015. Som Berlin, Kaunas, Lublin, Bratislava, Zagreb, Maribor, Aveiro, Atenes i Zugdidi.

»Actors of Urban Change aims to achieve sustainable and participatory urban development through cultural activities and cross-sector collaboration in Europe.«

The program Actors of Urban Change  prometed by the Robert Bosch Stiftung from Berlin, aims to achieve sustainable and participatory urban development through cultural activities. Actors from the cultural scene, the administration, and the private sector are given an opportunity to strengthen their competencies in cross-sector collaboration. Through local projects, process-related consulting, and Europe-wide exchange, the program participants put their skills into practice. The program is implemented in cooperation with MitOst e.V. The pilot stage of the program will run from autumn of 2013 until summer of 2015.

Potential Topics and Scope of Projects
From the program’s perspective, urban change is not focused on formal processes of urban planning or development, but rather on strengthening community-driven engagement for local urban development. In this context, potential topics to be addressed include citizens’ participation, affordable housing/gentrification, inclusion/integration, cultural diversity, accessibility of (formerly) public urban resources and spaces, sustainable mobility, health and physical activity, green city/climate change, etc.

Culture and Urban Change
Social changes are intensified in urban contexts where the associated opportunities and risks appear in particularly pronounced ways. From a citizen’s perspective, the boundaries between sectors become more permeable and at the same time allow for cross-sector collaboration in urban development. We consider culture to be a fundamental dimension within the realm of sustainable development. Cultural activities have the potential to create meaning and identity, promote participation and social inclusion, and play an important role in the positive development of cities in terms of a common good.

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